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Dream Wedding in Shimla

Memorable Weddings With Golden Fern Resort

Designed to the highest specifications and situated on all floors, with a private balcony and city view the executive rooms are spacious with all modern amenities and furnishing to meet the desired level of the satisfaction of the esteemed guests at Golden Fern Resort Shimla.

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Mandap Setup


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The Specialized Services


Marriage Rituals

Hindu weddings are vibrant, well-planned, culturally rich occasions full with joy and tradition. We will manage all of your wedding-related rituals, from pre-wedding to post-wedding, from the engagement ceremony to the Vidaai, with nature's stunning grandeur serving as the perfect backdrop for your big day.

Innovative Dining

The food is always the focus of a wedding. We take special attention with caterers since it is absolutely important to the success of a wedding. We will assist you in selecting the suitable menu and arranging the dining tables. We guarantee excellent service in addition to crafting the right dish.


A Mountain Wedding

Mountains provide everything you might desire in a wedding location, from big snow-capped mountains and lush green landscape to clean fresh air. Without a doubt, getting married in a hill station is an incredible and beautiful experience where the luscious green trees, stunning mountains, and appealing landscape all play a role in your exceptional festivities. As a result, it's no wonder that hill station weddings continue to be popular among couples looking for a calm venue with spectacular vistas.

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