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Eco Hospitality stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation in Himachal Pradesh's serene landscapes. Seamlessly fusing luxury with environmental consciousness, our journey began with a profound passion for hospitality and nature. From humble origins, we've embraced audacious sustainability, designing properties that harmonize with the environment. We're committed to elevating local communities, empowering through employment and skill development. Guests at Eco Hospitality aren't just visitors but catalysts for change, engaging in immersive experiences that foster a deeper connection with nature. As we move forward, we envision a future where technology and eco-consciousness converge, enriching guest experiences while safeguarding Himachal's natural beauty. Our narrative is one of purpose, collaboration, and a harmonious blend of luxury and responsibility.

Golden Fern Resort
Golden Fern Resort

Location IconSHIMLA

Hotel Woodrina
Hotel Woodrina

Location IconSHIMLA

Hotel Snow Castle
Hotel Snow Castle

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A Green Commitment to Hospitality

From a genuine passion for both hospitality and the environment, Eco Hospitality emerged as a pioneer in sustainable hotel management. Our properties blend seamlessly with their surroundings, minimizing ecological impact and reflecting our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

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Enriching Communities and Nurturing Nature

Our vision extends beyond traditional hospitality, aiming for a harmonious coexistence between luxurious accommodations and Himachal's untouched beauty. Through employment, skill development, and partnerships, we uplift local communities while preserving the region's cultural heritage.

Guests as Partners in Progress

By choosing Eco Hospitality, guests become integral to a greater movement. Each stay offers an opportunity to connect with nature, rejuvenate the spirit, and leave a positive footprint. Through eco-tours and workshops, we inspire conscious choices that extend far beyond our properties.

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What our Guest Says

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I recently had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Woodrina which is an exceptional hotel. We had booked their cottage rooms and they were very clean and maintained. The service was unparalleled, with staff going above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay especially Pankaj was very nice and helpful.

Rakesh Yadav
Hotel Woodrina

It's designed very nicely. There are five floors in each stage with a connecting bridge. It is very nice to enter and go down to your rooms with beautiful panoramic views from the rooms.

Jitesh Chhatwal
Goleden fern Resort

Have stayed here for 3 days and enjoyed my time. Got a room on the 4th floor and the view was very good from there. The food was good and service was very quick. Special thanks to Mr Chamanlal for the hospitality provided.

Aamir Arafat
Hotel Snow Castle

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