Popular Places & Activities in Manali | Phalguni Regency



Explore the unspoiled natural beauty and enchanting landscapes that will take your breath away. Admire the beauty of Khajjiar's floating island on the serene lake.

Distance from Hotel 29.6 km

Kala Top

Explore the uncharted wilderness and discover nature's secrets. Embrace the scenic beauty of snow-capped peaks and rolling hills.

Distance from Hotel 19.4 km

Chamera Lake

An oasis of tranquility in the lap of nature. Experience the serenity of the lake's calm waters and scenic surroundings.

Distance from Hotel 65.4 km


Zorbing at Khajjiar

Rolling through nature's playground which will be a thrilling experience and also a unique way to explore the lush greenery of beautiful Khajjiar.

Boating at Chamera Lake

Gliding through the calm waters of Chamera Lake is a beautiful way of rejuvenating and relaxing amid the soothing sounds of flowing water.