Top 10 Traditional Dishes of Himachal Pradesh

Top 10 Traditional Dishes of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is an area of unimaginable beauty, located at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh features a vast variety of meals with natural herbs and spices and a rich culture. People here consume a lot of locally produced food and ingredients. The most significant characteristic unique to the state: is its delicious delicacies. Visitors to Himachal are frequently taken aback by the region’s natural beauty and mouthwatering dishes. Tourists may enjoy tasty delicacies thanks to the Himachali cuisine, which distinguishes the state as unique. Due to the popularity of both, it is fairly typical to see a Himachali household presenting both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food on the same platter. The state’s cuisine culture draws heavily from Tibet and Punjab, it influences Himachali food a lot. Here is a list of some of the traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Dham
  • Babru
  • Madra
  • Kullu Trout Fish
  • Siddu
  • Patrode
  • Khatta Kaddu
  • Chicken Anardana
  • Bhey
  • Mittha


Dham is the most popular delicacy, and it is often served on leafy plates called “Pattal.” It is offered during religious festivals and at important events like weddings. Because it is prepared with traditional chulha or wood, it has a special flavor. In its preparation, the best ingredients are used, which prioritize nutrients and hygiene. It consists of rice, rajma, lentils, vegetables, and curd. Furthermore, the meal is a delicacy and is only prepared by skilled chefs known as “Botis.”  Many of the recipes in Dham are prepared without using any onion or garlic. This traditional dish is prepared differently in different parts of the state, hence the cooking manner differs.


Similar to kachoris in taste, babru is a distinctive culinary treat. However, it differs from kachoris in that it may be made both savory and sweet. The kneaded dough is filled with ground black gram paste, giving it the appearance of a deep-fried poori. The sweet one contains a jaggery filling. It is a well-liked breakfast item with a distinctive flavor and aroma. It is typically served with mouthwatering tamarind chutney. It is a highly well-liked regional cuisine in the region.


Madra is a Himachali dish made with curd, beans, and vegetables. Typically, chickpeas, kidney beans, black-eyed beans, potatoes, and cauliflower are used to cook madra recipes. It is cooked for a long period on low heat with a variety of spices, including cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, coriander powder, and turmeric powder, giving it a deep flavor.

Kullu Trout Fish

As one of Himachal Pradesh’s healthy dishes, Kullu Trout Fish is one of the best traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh, in which marinated fish is cooked with a few raw spices to preserve the nutrients.  A little lemon-onion sauce is drizzled on top after the fish has been pan-fried in mustard oil to enhance flavor. As the fish can only be found in the chilly seas of Himachal Pradesh, if you love fish and are constantly looking to try something new, you won’t want to miss out on this meal.


A really well-known cuisine from Himachal Pradesh prepared with wheat flour is called siddu. The flour is set aside after being kneaded, which gives the dough time to rise. The bread is then placed directly over the flames of a campfire to partially cook it and then steam it. This ghee-based Himachali side dish goes great with mutton or veggies as a main meal. Although the preparation of this pahadi cuisine is intricate and time-consuming, the taste is worth every effort.


The arbi leaves are used to make the pahari meal, patrode. One of the most well-known afternoon tea snacks in the hills, you may even enjoy the snack with your evening meal. Colocasia leaves and besan (gram flour) are used to prepare this. The besan and spice mixture is wrapped around the leaves, formed into little rolls, steamed, and then sliced into slices for deep- or shallow-frying. In the southern region of the nation, when rice is used instead of besan, patrode is also known as patravade.

Khatta Kaddu

This recipe is a blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors since kaddu means pumpkin and khatta means sour. These succulent pumpkin chunks are cooked with tamarind and a tiny bit of jaggery, and they melt on your tongue and are bursting with flavors. It is one of the most well-liked cuisines in Himachal and is enjoyed by everyone in the area. It may be served as a side dish with rice or eaten with roti or parantha as part of your daily meals.

Chicken Anardana or Pomegranate Chicken

Chicken Himachali Style (Pomegranate Chicken) is a flavorful chicken recipe from Himachal Pradesh. One of the state’s most popular non-vegetarian recipes, chicken anardana, is a favorite among chicken fans. This meal is prepared with fragrant spices and dried pomegranate seeds, which give it a distinctive sour and zesty flavor and a pinkish-reddish hue. It is the ideal side dish with rice and naan.

Bhey (Stir-fried lotus stem)

The Bhey dish, also known as the stir-fried lotus stem recipe, originates from Himachal Pradesh. This is quite easy to prepare because it uses a minimal amount of spices. Lotus stems are sliced into pieces and fried with ginger, garlic, onions, gram flour, and a variety of spices to make bhey, which has a mouthwatering flavor. For a hearty lunch or dinner, pair the bhey recipe with tawa paratha.


A true Pahari gem, mittha is a delicious saffron rice dish that comes from the state of Himachal Pradesh. This unique recipe, which is made by stacking the rice combination with fried raisins and cashew nuts and finishing it with sugar and saffron milk, is impossible to resist. This meal is a feast for the eyes and nose in addition to the taste sensations because of its seductive aroma and lovely texture.

The cuisines of the Himachali people have developed over the course of a long history in which several cultures and civilizations have coexisted. The traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh are greatly different from those of other parts of India. Himachali cuisine makes full use of locally available grains and vegetables, as well as meats and spices. The Himachali people also have a distinctive culture of hospitality; they are kind and respectful to all of their visitors.

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