Things to consider before going on Triund Trek

Things to consider before going on Triund Trek

Triund Trek is ideal for people looking for a hassle-free experience of Himalayan hiking. Pleasant walks offset the difficult ascent through rhododendron and oak trees. It provides breathtaking views of the beautiful Dhauladhar peaks on one side and the Kangra valley on the other. The view from the lush meadows of the Indrahar pass is spectacular. The path towards the destination is really fascinating and adventurous for nature enthusiasts. The sunset panorama is breathtaking. The daytime vista of the snow-covered mountains is mesmerizing.

Quick Facts

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Triund Trek distance: 9 km. 

Height: 2,850 m above sea level.

Difficulty Level- Easy

Triund Route

McLeod Ganj serves as the starting point for hikers heading to Triund. However, you must go to Dharamkot before beginning the real walk from Gallu Devi Temple. Another route that departs from Bhagsu Waterfalls also leads to Triund. The path is quite well-defined, and with the assistance of locals, you will be able to negotiate it on your own. The hike progresses from gentle to difficult ascents. The first 5 kilometers of the walk will be rather simple. After that, the climb becomes steeper, necessitating stronger walking. So, generally, the conclusion on the difficulty level of this hike is “easy.” However, there is a catch. The closer you get to the winter months, the more difficult the journey might get. If you proceed ahead of Triund, you may also visit the Snowline, the Laka glacier, and the Indrahar Pass. From up there, you can see Moon peak and the gorgeous Chamba valley.

The ideal time for the expedition

Triund is accessible for hiking the whole year, but the ideal months to take part in the hike are May, June, September, and October. Although it might get cold at night, the weather is generally lovely. Even though monsoons are an excellent time for hiking, you might not want to camp out overnight. In that case, you can stay in a guest house or a campsite if one is available nearby. Although it gets quite chilly here in the winter, you may still visit if you don’t mind the cold. 

What to bring along on the journey

Certain items must be carried when going on any type of expedition.

-You’ll need a backpack/rucksack to carry your essentials for the walk and the night.

-Bring a jacket and a sweater.

-Make sure you have a medical kit on hand.

-Fuel up your energy with energy drinks, snacks, and water bottles.

-A set of sunglasses

-Repellent for insects

-Carry a torchlight, which can save many hikers’ lives.

-A spare pair of hiking boots and woolen socks.

Things to be aware of before you start hiking

-Overnight camping on the hill is not permitted. You must, therefore, stay at one of the camps nearby.

-The difficulty of the trip ranges from simple to moderate.

-Make sure you have a guide if this is your first hike.

-Triund is a 9 km hike that takes around 5 to 6 hours to complete in one direction.

-Carry minimum weight 

-Do not litter around.

-People with asthma are advised not to go on this expedition.

-Due to poor mobile network coverage, make all calls prior to starting.

How to reach Triund

You must first travel to Dharamshala in order to start your trek toward Triund.

Flight: To get to Dharamshala, you can take a direct flight from anywhere to Delhi or a connecting flight from that city.

Road: As an alternative, you can take an overnight bus from Delhi to Dharamshala, travel three hours by cab to McLeod Ganj, and then begin your journey. You can take a taxi and get there. 

Train: Pathankot is the closest station. From Pathankot, roughly a two-to-three-hour drive away, you can also take a bus or a taxi to Dharamshala.

Health/Fitness Requirements : 

-People with breathing issues should avoid trekking.

-Pregnant women are advised not to trek.

-Parents should avoid taking infants along with them on treks.

-Do not drink alcohol. Altitude sickness is more likely as a result.

-Cardiovascular patients are not advised to go on a hike.

In conclusion, the Triund trek is the most accessible and well-liked hiking route in Dharamshala. The magnificent Triund hill lies below the formidable Dhauladhar mountain. Most visitors to Dharamshala who come for leisurely activities also wish to stay in serene or opulent accommodations. So, if you want a relaxing stay, make a reservation with Eco Hospitality, which always prioritizes the interests of its guests.

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