Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh During the Winter

Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh During the Winter

Himachal Pradesh, often known as the “Land of the Gods,” has a captivating sight for the eyes and nature enthusiasts. The winter season in the state begins in November and lasts until February. Throughout the winter, some places in the state are blanketed in a thick layer of snow, making it an ideal winter destination for snow enthusiasts. Himachal is a nature and adventure enthusiast’s dream. Tourists in India have many options, but spending the holidays here will surely provide travelers with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some of these spectacular hill stations, decked with snow-carpeted alleys, are the ideal destination to enjoy fun activities. The following are some of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during the winter:





-Naddi In Dharamshala




-Spiti Valley


Kufri is a beautiful hill station in Himachal, located 20 kilometers from Shimla. The British established the hill station in 1819, but its popularity as a tourist destination has really grown in the last several years. Kufri is an outstanding holiday destination because of its calm and relaxing atmosphere, as well as its spectacular natural beauty. In winter, the temperature in Kufri may plummet to -4° C. Kufri is significant because it is the site of the annual winter sports event held in February. The event is a popular destination for tourists. You may attempt adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding, etc. here while viewing the natural beauty of the majestic Himalayas.


Kullu, often known as the “Valley of Gods,” is a collection of picturesque hills and mountains. Kullu is the most varied and popular place to visit during your winter trip to Himachal, attracting all sorts of people from all around the world. In the winter, the lowest temperature in Kullu ranges from 3°C to 6°C. The magnificent vistas and snow-capped mountains, deodar trees, rivers, and apple orchards have drawn travelers from all over the world. Kullu is a popular destination for adventure sports. Trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, paragliding, and hiking across snow and glaciers are just a few of the activities available in Kullu. The worldwide Kullu Dussehra celebration is a prominent event in the region, drawing visitors from all over the world. It has assumed its place on a global scale.


Manali is the most picturesque hill station in the world, and it is every traveler’s dream destination. For people who want to appreciate snowfall, the winter season is magnificently fantastic. In the winter, the temperature in Manali can plummet below -2°C, followed by snowfall. Manali has magnificent sites where you can explore the heavens. Solang Valley is one such adventure haven, and while there, you may attempt skiing, snowmobile exploration, zorbing, and paragliding. The ultimate and almost vital attraction of the Manali itinerary is Rohtang La, a vista point. Without a sled ride and some mountain biking, an experience of the snow would be incomplete. Another place to look is the Atal Tunnel, which is nothing short of a marvel. It is a 9.02 km long, strategically vital road that is built on the Manali-Leh Highway. It is the most awe-inspiring technical feat in the Himalayas, connecting Manali to Lahaul and Spiti.


During the winter, Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, transforms into a magnificent snowy paradise. This town, surrounded by towering Himalayan mountains, has won a distinctive place among tourist attractions with its lush pine woods and exquisite apple orchards. The winter temperature in Shimla hovers around 5 °C and can dip below -2°C. Shimla is surrounded by several tourist attractions, and Fagu is one of them. It is a peaceful hamlet near Shimla and is well-known for its “fog,” as the name implies. It is famous for its apple farms, with the snow-capped Himalayas in the background. It is also popular with hikers and nature enthusiasts. Another well-known tourist spot is Chail, a peaceful hill town surrounded by lovely pine and deodar trees, whose unspoiled natural beauty is home to the highest cricket ground in the world. Mashobra, a tiny mountain village, is the ideal Himalayan getaway for people seeking quiet and isolation with a touch of heritage. It is an unspoiled beauty that offers the purest and most freeing sensation. Last but not least, Narkanda is a lovely, tiny village near Shimla with a stunning view of the mountain ranges. It is well-known for winter activities and is one of India’s oldest ski areas, with sweeping natural beauty.

Naddi in Dharamshala

Naddi is a little hamlet in a picturesque location near Dharamshala, which is also a beautiful abode. It is an exciting destination for tourists since it offers a whole package that you are guaranteed to appreciate, from the breathtaking valley views to the stunning sunsets at the sunset point. McLeod Ganj, also a popular place in Dharamshala, often known as “Little Lhasa,” is a lovely hill station where one may observe a mix of Indian and Tibetan traditions. Not only is the town culturally rich, but it also has a variety of eateries providing great Tibetan, Italian, and Himachali cuisines. This clean hill hamlet is blessed with breathtaking scenery and picturesque panoramas of snow-capped mountains. In Mcleodganj, the temperature ranges from 8 °C to -1°C when the weather is cold. Treks and hikes nearby allow you to see the wonderful surroundings and the breathtaking mountain vistas. Kareri Lake, the Norbulingka Institute, the Triund hike, and the Bhagsu Nag waterfall are among the famous attractions in and near Dharamshala. 



The charming hill village of Barot is one of the top offbeat tourist destinations and one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during the winter. The Dhauladhar hills surround Barot Valley, which is nestled on the bank of the Uhl River and remains chilly in the cold. In this season, every inch of the hill town is blanketed in snow, adding to the allure of this lovely hill hamlet. During the winter, the average temperature in Barot ranges from -5 to 10 degrees. Barot, often known as a hiker’s paradise, is an untamed valley that will leave you intrigued from start to finish. The town’s major specialty is freshly prepared trout fish in mustard oil, which has a delectable aroma and is one of the traditional dishes of the state.



The lovely town of Khajjiar, often known as India’s “Mini Switzerland,” is a beautiful little hamlet near Dalhousie. Khajjiar is a winter wonderland, nestled among snow-capped mountains coated in a thick layer of snow in the winter. In winter, the temperature in Khajjiar varies between -1 and 10 degrees Celsius. It is the ideal spot for getting away from the rush and bustle of city life. In the middle of a green meadow, surrounded by cedar woodland, a little lake named Kund, which serves as the centerpiece of Khajjiar, oozes tranquility and attractiveness. Additionally, it is home to apple orchards that are covered in snow throughout the cold season and a verdant meadow that, when covered in snow, is stunning.


Tosh is another beautiful town in the Parvati Valley that leads to exciting hikes. In the colder months, the mountains have a particular degree of beauty that entices you to take the risk and explore the Tosh valley. Because sites like these do not have lavish lodgings, it is one of the quirky spots that can be visited throughout the winter if you are a snow person. If you decide to go, you may embark on a few challenging excursions that take you through picturesque trails with mountains on one side and the Tosh River on the other. During the winter, the average temperature in Tosh remains between 10 and -10°C.

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is one of the cold deserts and alpine valleys in Himachal Pradesh, located in the northeastern region of the state. During the winter, the entire region is quite cold, with temperatures reaching -20 °C. Nestled between mountains and glaciers, crystal-clear rivers, and prayer flags blowing in the breeze, this secluded environment enchants visitors. During the winter, only expedition participants go through Spiti. It reveals a distinct aspect of the valley, making it more lovely and appealing in the snow. As a result, for people who love adventure and want to experience extreme escapades, the best time for them to visit Spiti is from November to March.

In a nutshell, the arrival of winter provides travelers with the finest experiences. It is the ideal season to visit Himachal Pradesh for individuals who can withstand chilly weather and enjoy the snow. So these best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh during the winter may provide the tourists with an experience that is so distinctive and exquisite that it will undoubtedly create memories for the travelers that will last a lifetime. However, if you come here in the winter, you should plan your trip carefully because traveling in the snow might be risky at times.

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